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us? >> i have the section you were referring to about the mock executions. it deals with one of the high value detainees, the alleged planner of the uss cole attack that killed 17 sailors. it says that a handgun and a power drill were held close to his head, and then it goes on to talk about this incident with the firing of a gun in an adjacent cell. 4 give me, because some of this is redacted, so the language may seem a little bit awkward. it reads, " [blank] stage to the incident, which included screaming and yelling by other officers and guards. when the guards removed the detainee from the room, they passed a guard dressed as a hooded detainee lying motionless on the ground and made to appear as if he had been shocked." -- as if he had been shot." earlier in the report, there is confirmation that in the case of the self-described architect of 9/11 and abd al nashiri -- both men were threatened with harm against their families. specifically with khalide sheikh mohammed -- he was told if anything else happen in the united states, they would kill his children. these are just
miami-dade. ralph, the photographer and reporter, is up in fox sky for us. we'll get back to ralph and our local station there in south florida as events warrant. first, though, north korea. former president clinton on a mission there to meet with the country's dear leader kim jong il. his immediate goal? the release of two american journalists sentenced 12 years with hard labor. breaking in just the past hour fox news confirmed that president clinton met with those two women. there is much more to this story, angled that could impact american diplomacy quite literally around the world. we'll cover it all today starting with the latest overseas. the former president flew into north korea earlier today. the visit was kept secret until he landed, and played down by the white house. then the big meeting with kim jong il. pictures released by north korea, i'm told. officially the white house says this is a private mission on president clinton's part. but keep in mind this is a former u.s. president talking to a rogue state that has recently tested nuclear weapons. and his wife just hap
of fireworks lately. tell us about the tone of this event. >> outside, it has been very feisty, but inside, it was very respectful, bonilla, -- vanilla, calm. the president going around trying to find some opposition. one woman got up and said she was a pose. he winked at her, and she fell apart. shepard: the president addressed some of the tactics. >> he called the misinformation tactics. he took on one thing that has been out there possibly about how your health care may change. let's listen. >> the rumor that has been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the house of representatives voted for death panels that will basically pull the plug on grandma. >> president obama spent a lot of his time at that town hall meeting basically trying to say what was in his plan. shepard: a lot of disinformation is out there. i wonder if the white house has found itself -- at least at this point, it seems clear they have not been able to match their opponents' campaign of disinformation, and the white house seems to be struggling. do they have a plan? >> they thought getting the president
for his guidance and friendship and is useful insights throughout time i have been in the senate. i also want to thank my family. they've made many sacrifices during this time, and i look forward to the opportunity for us to not only reminisce and share wonderful memories we have developed together but also the opportunity to move on in our lives and have closer opportunity for family time. i look forward to continuing to be an active voice on issues of vital to florida and the u.s., and look forward to being an active part of a resurgent republican party. i think you very much and i will take a couple of questions. >> [inaudible] >> absolutely not. this is a free country, and i am doing this of my own free will. for the reasons i have just stated -- i cannot say it any better. it is only my desire to get on with the rest of my life. that is the governor's decision, i respect that, and trusted to do a good job on that. i called the governor to let him know when i was doing. we have called about this potential, and i think he is prepared. it is in his hands. i will leave all the questions
. that is where senator kennedy will lie in repose today and tomorrow. set the scene for us. >> as of now, the jfk library behind me a shot. it will reopen it 6:00 this evening. already, there are hundreds of people waiting outside. it is expected that thousands will actually want to enter the jfk library to show their respects to the late senator. the library itself will be open today between 6:00 and 11:00 and between 8:00 and 3:00 tomorrow, but already, officials believe they may have to extend those hours because they believe so many mourners will want to participate in the morning process. we should also point out quickly that there is also going to be a special service here on friday at 7:00 for 400 invited guests. they are calling that a celebration of the senator's life. in addition to the events for friday, the invitation-only ceremony, the authorities say there will be a military color guard but also something called a civilian honor guard. they say that some of the friends, family, former staffers, current staffers of the senator will be on hand to greet the people that come here to pay
, and i would imagine that most of us here are on medicare, and most -- there may be some who would like to give up their medicare? no. none of us to do. so what is so wrong with government provided health care? >> thank you. >> i have one more question. in these proposals you suggest, i did not see any way to control costs. that has been one of our major problems. not only the denial of care, but the rationing of care by the health insurance companies. costs have gone out of control. so how to propose this? how would your system control it? >> i will send you a copy of your poster board. i do not want to get into the mayo clinic, but this is what they said. the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to create higher-quality, more affordable health care for patients. in fact, it would do the opposite. that is a clearcut statement. the ability to go through state lines to purchase health insurance, reform medical malpractice, give people a $5,000 refundable tax credit to go anywhere in america and get health insurance they think best meets their needs. we eliminate this problem that
: next time when you come, please give it to us straight. . . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: you just heard robert gibbs say there are not mixed messages from the white house. stop it. we'll talk directly to the white house and ask the president's other spokesman, bill burton, if the president is given into republicans and abandoning his own base. also on top this hour, box number one, another death at the happiest place on earth. how a disney world performer became the third person to die there in the last couple of months. details ahead. in box number two, one of the internet's most popular social networking sites now facing a lawsuit. why some facebook's own members are saying the site violates their privacy. and box number three, the wife of the south carolina governor, mark sanford, speaking out for the first time, admitting he had an affair. why jenny sanford says her husband is addicted to his former mistress, the one he called his soulmate? and now jessica, her last day. time to have a baby. >> yes. shepard: and even in the middle of a health care fl
as events warrant. coming up, one of the women in the room during the attack. she will join us live inside "studio b" minutes from now. first to north korea and a trip home to two american journalists who spent months living at the whim of kim jong-il are back on american soil. here is the moment when laura ling and euna lee were reunited with their families. they had not seen each other for more than 4 1/2 months and much of that time they could not know whether they would ever see each other again. despite the uncertainty of what might happen next ling and lee said they never lost faith and knew people here were praying for them. >> we could. your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. shepard: today they did. they got police escorts from the airport right to their front doo doors. no one but ling and lee know exactly what they have been through since north korean authorities arrested them in march. they were accused by the north korean government of entering that country illegally, then p
about her. they believe she will look to international law to interpret the u.s. constitution. there are worries about her brady in a personal bias to the bench. here's what senator orrin hatch had to say. >> the constitution, both its words, and its meeting, is something she must follow rather than something she can change at will. >> we expect them to come back down the road. orrin hatch actually said, i hope the she proves my negative vote frowrong. shepard: how quickly could we see her formally sworn in? >> the white house and the supreme court have been mum. it could be as early as today. we do not think that will happen. there is a case to be heard on september 9. it is before the traditional start of the october term. she could be there. the controversy is about a documentary made on hillary clinton. there is a mountain of work waiting for. the justices have all summer to prepare. she is starting several months behind them. she will be a very busy justice. shepard: shannon bream, thank you. the swearing in may happen very quickly. al franken of minnesota in speaking. >>
brother, phillip garrido did start using drugs, was a sex addict, and was trying to start his own church that allowed him to read other people's mines and speak to god. the arraignment is in one hour. shepard: claudia is live on the scene. we will update you on that. coming up, man who says he worked with the suspected kidnapper, and much like his neighbor, our next guest claims he has no idea what is going on. michael jackson's death as a homicide. we now have definitive word from the reporting of the associated press and others that there were other drugs in his system. our los angeles correspondent is live on the scene. >> just a few moments ago, we got the official word from the county coroner's office. lots of speculation and conjecture about what was going on. is now official. the manner of death has been established as homicide. other conditions contributing to death work been the dallas team -- benzodiazepines. the final coroner's report and the toxicology report that comes along with that will not be released by the office today. there was no comment from the coroner's office, j
interest to us and many of you. deval patrick is the governor of the state of massachusetts. we will join him live shortly. the deadly wildfire north of los angeles racing toward a pivotal area. a communications center, a transmission for radio stations, their towers -- if they go, many communications will go. thousands of homes are at risk. the wildfire extend 4 20 miles. it stretches the length of the island of manhattan. it threatens 12,000 homes. firefighters from across the region working day and night. two firefighters were killed when they drove their truck off the side of the road. it is happening about 50 miles north of los angeles. officials want to keep the flame within that blueline that you can see on the outside there. the evacuated areas are in yellow printed you can see the huge amounts of smoke that is just pouring out of the fires. it sent the air quality indexed to nearly 400. anything above 100 is considered unhealthy. anita vogel is live. you are standing next to what was at one point a home. >> that is right. this station fire really exploded overnight. 21 homes have
the program could be suspended or even ended by the weekend. senate republicans are using the unexpected popularity of the cash for clunkers program to cast out about the administration's cost about health-care reform. there will be a meeting to try to keep both of those things on track tomorrow. supporters argue the program is the most effective stimulus money the government has spent. some dealers sold one month's worth of cars last week while they started setting up the deals early last month. critics say it is money the country simply does not have to spend. >> i think this is a great example of the stupidity coming out of washington right now. i think americans realize the numbers that we are throwing around do not work. we estimated this would cost $1 billion. now, they say we need $2 billion more. our children and grandchildren cannot afford to make these car dealers well right now. >> car dealers are posting their first monthly sales increases since the start of the recession. consumers are buying cars that get on average 60% better gas mileage than the ones they trade in. the wh
is live above the crash site. john, what can you tell us? >> we are about 1,600 feet over the middle of the hudson river. if we cut to the nose camera shot, you can see that we are looking straight down the hudson south. manhattan on the left, new jersey on the right. that is where the liberty to wrist chopper took off. you can see, when you came up even today, this is a very iffy corridor. we are being guided by our pilot, you have been flying up and down the hudson for years. how dangerous is it up here? >> i do not know if i would call a dangerous, for say, but there is an inherent risk in a flying. a lot of people like to do a little sightseeing, where they do not have to talk to any air traffic controllers. for the most part everybody seems to get by. >> we should not overreact, in other words? >> this much traffic with these few accidents in many years, a good safety record. >> you get a problem, presumably, when someone comes into this -- not a guy like you and frank to have been flying for a long time, but someone who takes off elsewhere in the region and they get distracted
that he asks of all of us, if we do not fight injustice, who will? professor stephen hawking, a brilliant man and a mediocre student. [laughter] he lost his balance and he tumbled down a flight of stairs. diagnosed with a rare disease, he was told that he had only a few years to live. happily, in the four decades since he has become one of the world's leading scientists. his work in theoretical physics, which i will not attempt to explain here, has advanced our understanding of the universe. his books have advance our understanding of science itself. he has led us on a journey to the farthest and strangest regions of the cosmos. through his imagination, he has shown us the power of the human spirit here on earth. when told he was too small to play college football, jack kemp became a college quarterback. he lead the buffalo bills threw two championships. he said the football gave him a good perspective on politics. that he had already been booed, cut, cheered and traded. [laughter] x me feel better. [laughter] conservative leader, a republican banker, -- a thinker, he was that rare leader
asked robert gibbs about this e-mails last week. it is still a mystery to us. last night, the administration seemed to suggest third parties were responsible for it all. in a written statement, the white house said "individual received the e-mail because someone else or groups sign them up or forward the e-mail, we hope they were not too inconvenienced." case closed? not merelreally. is it really possible for this to happen? >> is. we talked to some professionals on this. they say not only is it possible for e-mail address to be put in one at a time, it is also possible to go to the comments section of the white house website in league and e-mail, a small tiny program in that comment section and you can drop your entire list onto the website for the website. what has the white house done to remedy that situation? let me show that video one more time. the white house added two things. one is, you will have to opt out to receive future e-mail. do you see those letters? they are hard to figure out sometimes, but it has a purpose. that checks for completely automated public t
are left to cope with the aftermath without u.s. help, i assume? >> that is right. the only held that we saw today was a number of u.s. military apache helicopters flying to give them air cover. it really is an iraqi security operation. the foreign ministry and the finance ministry, they have really enhanced the baghdad security spokesman, largely to blame for the attacks. one of their colleagues, the iraqi person working for fox, he was beyond the security gate in front of the foreign ministry. he was very lucky, a truck bomb got past him and hit the foreign ministry. that brought down the top floors of the building. there have been scores of dead there. when you see the pictures, it is quite shop -- shocking. they say that it was al qaeda in iraq and insurgent groups. you can see that they are still getting organized and are still very deadly. >> thank you, david. let's go to california and a bizarre murder mystery. a former swimsuit model, she was found strangled and stock in a suitcase. the person of interest is a reality show contestant. the victim's name is jasmine, she was 28, wor
not talk to reporters. shepard: tell us about the plans for the next few days, david. >> this is a day that they have been preparing for. the precise details have not been released. it is expected that tomorrow the senator's body is going to lie in repose at the john f. kennedy library in boston, that will take place on thursday and friday. on saturday there is going to be a funeral service in boston, at our lady of perpetual help. the basilica was where the senator often went when his daughter was sick with cancer. he secretly parade there. late on saturday it was expected -- it is expected that his body will be taken to the arlington national cemetery, where there will be a private service and burial. shepard: any information on the senator's final hours? >> there was an interview with patrick harris, a priest who was at his side during his final hours. he said that the senator was at peace, that he wanted to go to heaven. during his final hours the senator took a very abrupt turn for the worse. he was with his wife and children when you died. shepard: david, live in massachusetts as
. they are the active duty guys who solved the problem. shepard: thank you. we have a microphone there. let us listen. shepard: the remains of the navy pilot scott speicher back home in florida 18 years after his horn and a pilot -- after his plane was shot down. the family push to the defense department to find out what happened. on august 2, the pentagon disclosed that the marines had discovered scott speicher's bones and skeletal structures. the casket has now arrived at the jackson built naval center. he was a native of kansas city, missouri. his body is accompanied by his best friend, who married scott speicher's widow in 1992. his casket will be taken to all saints chapel on bay street will remain there overnight. people with access to the base will be able to pay their respects. on friday, a procession will pass in border locations from his life -- will pass important locations from his life, including his high-school. jeff richardson is a former pilot and board member of the free scott speicher group. he says that the high school junior rotc will line the road. at the former naval station, a
by the cia? >> the cia has used contractors for years. the former cia director explained how they have used contractors and how it is not a sinister practice pre listen to what he said. >> please do not take anything i have said to suggest what the agency routinely does. we have a really hard problem. >> the cia had contracts with blackwater back in 2004 for training facilities and use its training facilities here in the united states. they had a contract to provide security for the cia. the answer to logistics' abilities out there shortly after 9/11 that the cia was taking advantage of. gregg: there is a bit of black in blackwater. >> there are two names that can make democratic heads spin in this town. one is eric prince. when they think of blackwater, they think of no bid contracts, mercenaries with quick trigger fingers. they remember the incident back in baghdad when 17 iraqis were killed when blackwater was guarding a u.s. diplomatic convoy. the organization certainly gets people's attention in this town. the former head of counterintelligence at the cia joined blackwater shortly afte
to use the word normalcy, but a routine that could be incorporated outside. part of the problem with this is that i know that i have not been in the united states for quite some time. when i first came into the emergency room, i had questions about what date was, i do not know the day, but i thought it was in mid-june. but it was late july. i missed the presidential election. election. but really, beyond that, there are some issues, recollections of vienna, events that took place there as well as in bratislava, the late-90's until 2000. i definitely was in vienna at the time of the world trade center, 9/11. but exactly what i was doing, public relations consultancy. there was some component. but the client list, i sort of recognize but i am not able to give specific names. this is my memoir. i am trying to keep names and things i remember so i can report to the police. please let us know so we can look into it. there is the name of somebody i have known in vienna with a translation service, so the police are looking into that. i have spoken with the council's general in los ange
, it might not be as revved up or vociferous or whatever you might use it on this topic. no matter what the question. shepard: it appears clear to me, and correct me if i'm wrong, that the white house was caught after guard by the level of resistance here. and though the message seems to be changing, what are they specifically doing to win folks over? >> i have talked to people in the industry who say, wait a minute, with pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps, the industry is given to negotiation. those have not gone so well. so the white house is turning most of its attention toward health insurance, moving away from things like public health option-pay or-play, paying higher taxes, or individual mandates so people can find ways of getting insurance if they do not have it. those are some of the broader components. the white house has stopped back on that, and there are some people in the white house, like howard dean, who wanted to be in the cabinet but was not offered. now they are saying that if it does not carry the name healthcare reform, you will begin to see criticism on the
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